• Sarcasm / Wit 95%
  • Photography 90%
  • Writing 80%
  • Graphic Design & Illustration 70%
  • Leadership (My Big Boy Job) 85%
  • Swift / Xcode Development (getting there) 40%

Who Am I?

I am a husband and parent first. A brother, a son, an in-law – maybe your neighbor. Professionally I’m a team leader, working with 20+ amazing and unique individuals who report to me at a call center in corporate America. I’m a dreamer. I was certain that one day I would be a famous rock star. I just wasn’t given the note ahead of time that the script would only be played out in my mind. At home I’m a handy-man (jack of no trades, master of less…but I get things done when I need to), a master chef (at least compared to my beautiful bride), and after my children finally goes to bed, I make one hell of a couch cushion anchor. As soon as the moon comes out I’m a expert television watcher. This is also the time I like to work on coding apps. I’m amazed after so many attempts at programming throughout my life that I’m finally making huge strides. I love it! In the community I’d like to say I’m a contributor. I donate to charity when possible and donate time to non-profit organizations such as Dexter Community Players and Habitat for Humanity. In the world I’m one of seven billion and to God I’m a saint (listen I said saint, not Saint) and a sinner. Alone not one of these things makes me unique, but together they make me the only Timothy Calvin Bryant. Ok well I just googled it and it looks like their may be another one. But he’s a doctor so his abundance of money sets us apart.