Well it’s official. I can cell myself a developer… programmer… coder… whatever flavor you prefer. I’ve created many things in life. Music (available on iTunes), videos (available on YouTube), woodworking (available nowhere), many graphic designs, t-shirts, blogs… I’m sure I’m missing something.

If I were to think back to the first thing I ever WANTED to create however, it was computer programs. I remember QBasic. Printing text to the screen. Creating shapes on the screen. I remember telling my parents I wanted to be a programmer. If only I had stuck with it from that age, I’d probably be making a lot more money right now. There were at least three other points in the last 7 years since I met my amazing wife Alisha that I have tried to learn programming. First it was Adobe AIR (I think that’s what it was called). I was going to develop an app for bands to create their own apps… didn’t get very far. Then it was C and Objective-C so I could develop for iPhone… FAILED! Third was C# and ASP to develop web sites, specifically one that I’m not going to tell you about because I still think it’s a lucrative idea and I’m not giving that one away. Finally, somehow I plowed through this time. It reminds me of the multiple time I tried to learn guitar then finally something clicked.

Anyhow, I’ve done it. With the help of my brother who created all the questions, I have released my first app called Trepidation. It is a horror movie trivia app. That’s it, plain and simple. It’s not amazing, and it’s FREE (so download it) so it isn’t going to make me rich, but it’s the first step in a direction that I hope could change my life.

So check it out. Trepidation…