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For me this song is 13+ years in the making. Originally written as part of f/stop, this was one of my favorite hooks, but I never felt great about the verses. Fast forward to 2015 when I started to work on the song again, and approached Dart Mouth about rapping the verses. Through him the relationship with Jaylz was also formed cementing a killer track. Please check out additional work by Jaylz by visiting...

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Budge for iOS is Here!

Budge is finally here! It’s about time you start shopping with a budget in mind, and Budge is the only tool in the app store that allows you to create shopping lists tied to a budget. We are excited for you to try it. For more information about the app check out Budge at Budge is on sale for the first week of availability, but I bet you’d like a free copy. Just tweet about the apps release. Make sure your tweet includes @timcalvin as well as a relevant hashtag such as #iphoneapps. I will be picking winners...

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Introducing Budge for iPhone

Finally! Budge is coming to the app store any day! If you shop using a budget you can stop switching back and forth between the built-in calculator app and a shopping list or todo app! No more keeping a list on paper so that you can just keep your calculator open. And no more worrying about accidentally clearing the calculator and having to refigure how much you can spend. All of these problems are solved with Budge! Key Features: Create as many budgeted shopping lists as you like. Add, edit and delete them with ease. Add as many items...

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Father and Son

What’s odd about this picture? If you don’t know the people in it, not much unless you happen to notice that the shadows on their faces are on opposite sides. If you know these people, you know that they are father and son at the same age in their lives… shaking hands. This photo came about when my brother went into the military and my dad wasn’t handling it well. I found this old picture of my dad… And then found this one of my brother, and blended them...

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Gerade Modern Apparel

One of my life long dreams, and one that I hope to have the spare change lying around to someday to make a reality, is an apparel company. I’ve done a lot of work designing t-shirts for different organizations, I would love to just create my own t-shirts and other apparel to sell. Hell perhaps someday it will happen and you’ll be able to buy them right from this site. That would be pretty cool. Gerade Modern (which translates roughly to “trendy” from German) is the closest that this dream has ever come to reality for me. A friend...

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