Author: Tim Bryant

Trepidation 1.2 Released

Trepidation had a minor but exciting update released this evening. With version 1.0, all of the data was housed within the app itself, so adding new questions was a cumbersome process, and once they were added a new build had to be submitted to the app store which could takes several days to a couple week to get approved. With version 1.2 we have moved the data to a remote server so that we can add new questions multiple times per day if we wanted to. This gives us the ability to expand the game at a much faster...

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Learn to Code With Chris

I don’t know when the point is that you can actually call yourself a coder or a programmer. If I relate this to my day job, which is managing people, they say that the best managers of people are the ones who never think they are doing the job well enough, and go home at night wondering what they could have done better. Is the same true of coding? I have an app that I created on the app store, albeit I had a great starting point that was done for me, but I modified the hell out of...

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Trepidation 1.0 Released

Well it’s official. I can cell myself a developer… programmer… coder… whatever flavor you prefer. I’ve created many things in life. Music (available on iTunes), videos (available on YouTube), woodworking (available nowhere), many graphic designs, t-shirts, blogs… I’m sure I’m missing something. If I were to think back to the first thing I ever WANTED to create however, it was computer programs. I remember QBasic. Printing text to the screen. Creating shapes on the screen. I remember telling my parents I wanted to be a programmer. If only I had stuck with it from that age, I’d probably be...

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What To Wear To Your Job Interview

When it comes down to the job interview, make sure you don’t overlook what you are wearing, and what it could be saying or not saying about you. Sure if a female wears a miniskirt to an interview it is quite obvious that she is probably saying she is a flirt, however the color shirt you choose and the type of shoes you wear could also be subconsciously painting a picture about you as well. Color Color believe it or not can say a lot. There is plenty of study that has gone into this. Choose the color or...

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The Best Question to Ask During a Job Interview

Whenever I am coaching somebody through the interview process, toward the end there’s one question I always ask them. That one question stumps most people. Of those that it doesn’t stump, a good portion of the remainder fail the test. That question is, “Have you thought about what question(s) you are going to ask during the interview?” The majority of the people I talk to have not even put an ounce of thought into this, much less have the best question to ask. They either tell me they have not thought about it, or I can tell they have...

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