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6 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out

I often get asked for help with resumes, which I find ironic as a mere eight years ago I was stuck in a job that didn’t pay the bills, looking for better work and had to get help with my own resume. Since that time I’ve been promoted to a team leader within my organization, and one of my responsibilities is to interview potential intern and full-time candidates. Needless to say, I see a lot of resumes. The following tips will help your resume stand out in a crowd of equally qualified candidates. How do I know? Well I...

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Five Worst Sensations You Can Prevent

Sure the flu is a horrible feeling and nobody cares to get a cold, however there’s not a lot that can be done to prevent these ailments. You can wash your hands religiously, but the bugs going to nail you eventually. There are some feelings that we can prevent though. In fact these are five of the worst sensations, and all of them can be prevented. Hangover Ich habe einen Kater as the Germans would say. I can certainly see how having a cat could ruin your day. Problem is a cat is something that doesn’t go away in...

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Eight Things I Never Thanked My Father For

It’s Father’s Day! It’s kind of strange being a father now. This is my second year celebrating father’s day as a father. Life gets complicated the longer you’re here. You start off a sweet innocent child. You’ve got a father, probably a couple grandfathers, and maybe even some great grandfathers. As life goes on some of us end up with multiple fathers. In my case, though I wasn’t happy to see my parents split, I’ve been blessed with an amazing father, and a step father who treats me as if I were his real son. And so now I’m...

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Is Rapping Singing?

My mind was blown earlier this year when I discovered that rappers don’t want to be considered singers. Let me rephrase that. I don’t know any rappers (well any that are good at it any how), however avid listeners of rap music actually get upset if you claim that a rapper is singing. I can’t wrap my mind around that. I would have certainly guessed that the opposite would be true. Well I hate to be the barer of bad news to anyone who believes that rapping isn’t a form of singing, but I’m going to prove it to...

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Which Denomination Has It Right?

If there’s one thing that really gets me fired up it’s Christians arguing over which denomination has it right and which has it wrong. I’m not going to point fingers because both sides are guilty. I do however have a suggestion for any Christian that wants to tell another Christian that they don’t have it right. Shut your mouth. I think you might find that said a little bit nicer in the bible. Something about let he without sin cast the first stone. Yeah you know who you are, and you know you’re wrong when you’re doing it. If...

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