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How Flickr Can Help Your Blog Traffic

Yes this blog is relatively new, but I’m not new to blogging. I’ve run two other blogs in the past few years. Both were short lived. One of them had all of zero readership and the other was mildly successful due in large part to the type of content (app reviews). Neither however would I claim had great readership, especially in terms of readers that continue to come back. Since starting this blog I’ve done something new and I’m already seeing better readership in terms of analytics than I have in the past. I think this is due in...

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Five Stresses Involved With Buying And Selling A House

There are quite a few stresses involved with buying and selling a house. Whether this is your first time or your third the stresses are the same each time. Timing Is Everything Unless you’re loaded, the process of buying and selling at the same time is all about timing. You either have to get lucky or get lucky. That’s right, there are no other options. Most of us will not be able to afford to own two houses at the same time so we have to pray that our home sells at the same time that we want to...

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How Much Time We Waste On Daily Activities

I was curious the other day how much time we waste doing the things we do every day. Activities such as sleeping, watching television, or even going to the bathroom. What follows are the results of studies I have discovered as well as calculations I have come up with on my own. I don’t claim any of them to be scientifically accurate but I would venture to say they are pretty damned close. I have based all of these numbers on the average of the male and female life expectancy as given by National Geographic. That number for a...

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Nine Irritating Personality Types

Let’s face it. There are a growing number of irritating people on this planet. And we are all annoyed by different things. If you don’t see things my way, I’m probably one of the people that annoys you. Do I care? Not really. And that is the probably. We’ve all got annoying traits, and most of us have the attitude that if we bother somebody, it is their loss. But there are nine irritating personality types that most of us can agree annoy everybody. So if you find yourself being one of the people on this list, it’s time...

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Ladies – Why Your Man Doesn’t Hear What You’re Saying

If you’re reading this, chances are all of the following are likely true: You’re a female You always ask your man to do things and he never does You likely just got in a fight because he didn’t do what you asked yet again Well it’s your lucky day. I’m going to share with you the secret about how to get your man to listen to you and do the things you want done. I’ll be the first to admit when my wife reads this she’s probably going to slap me. This all came about when a colleague at...

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