Author: Tim Bryant

Traffic Circles – How to NOT Piss Off Other Drivers

What’s wrong with us America? Land of the free and home of the people too stupid to figure out how to drive through a traffic circle (roundabout). Come on people! The rest of the world has had this since the wheel was invented. It’s not that hard. Today I will teach you the ropes. Traffic Circle Rule #1: Pick Your Lane Before Entering the Circle Signs are posted well in advance to the circle entrance. Scan them quickly to figure out which lane you need to be in before you get to the circle entrance. I think this is...

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Go Paperless – Hug a Tree

Call it trendy, call it convenient, or call it caring about the environment, but whatever you do, don’t dismiss the benefits of going paperless. Whether you want to go completely paperless or merely receive your bills electronically, the benefits of money and time saved as well as knowing you’re contributing to a help make our planet healthier for the next generation, can be quite rewarding. This article will help get you started. Electronic Bills This is one of the easiest steps to take. Nearly every company that will send you a bill is happy to send it electronically. We’d...

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Genuine Celebrities – Four Unique Personalities

It’s common place these days to read about what celebrity has the most recent sex tape. Sometimes those were meant to be private and get exposed, sometimes it’s Miley Cyrus swinging around on a wrecking ball ass naked daily on the top 20 video countdown. Regardless of sex scandal or not, when a celebrity makes the news it’s not usually for anything good they’ve done. I know this site isn’t necessarily BIG news, but I wanted to change the trend, so I’ve put together a list of four celebrities whose names may not be as big as Miley Cyrus,...

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Five Bands You Should Know… But Likely Don’t

I’ve been a music lover my whole life. I dreamed of touching people with my own music, a dream that had a miniature, local to south-east Michigan, reality in the early 2000’s. At that stage of my life one of three things was going on. One possibility is that back then my musical tastes were far more diverse. A second possibility is that I’ve just become fare more picky in my musical tastes. Then there’s the possibility that this generations music is complete garbage. Maybe it’s a combination of these factors. Regardless of how you see it, if you’re...

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Sobered Up Driving – No Safer Than Drunk Driving

“Dada dada da.” That’s my daughter’s favorite thing to say when I’m not around. At least that’s the vibe I get from the cute stories my wife tells me when I get home from work every day. I can picture myself all too vividly, watching helpless from the heaven I believe in, as my wife tells her that daddy isn’t coming home anymore… he’s with Jesus now. What’s the quickest way to lose your man card? Crash into a tree and kill yourself being irresponsible (even if you thought you had sobered up). It’s terrifying how close that reality...

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