Author: Tim Bryant

Six Ways To Not Lose Your Finger To A Table Saw

Okay, this isn’t the same as when somebody claims something tastes like shit. I mean really, who has honestly tasted shit before? Listen, I was a baby, I happened to be crawling near some dog poop and I got curious. I don’t really remember it anyhow. I digress. This memory is vivid. That is my left hand in the x-ray taken on the eve of April 2, 2012, and if you notice, the distal phalanx on my left index finger is in two pieces. If you’re curious, yes it’s still in two pieces over two years later. Don’t worry,...

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Seven Ways A Baby Changes Your Life

You Talk About Age In Increments Less Than Years I used to secretly poke fun at people who would tell you the age of their baby in months, especially once said baby had made it through their first year. I was ignorant. I hadn’t been exposed to the milestones that those little bundles of joy seem to reach on almost a daily basis. It didn’t make sense at the time that there was a difference between thirteen months and fourteen months. It’s either that or I’ve lost so much sleep in the past fourteen months myself that I’ve joined the league of...

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