Budge for iPhone

It’s finally here! (Pending Apple’s approval process) Budge is the first app in the app store that allows you to create a shopping list and tie it to a budget. You can finally shop while keeping track of your budget with just a single app! If you shop using a budget you can stop switching back and forth between the built-in calculator app and a shopping list or todo app! No more keeping a list on paper so that you can just keep your calculator open. And no more worrying about accidentally clearing the calculator and having to refigure how much you can spend. All of these problems are solved with Budge!

Do you already manage your finances and budget your income with an application such as You Need A Budget (YNAB)? This is the perfect companion to such a system!


Budge will allow you to create as many different shopping lists as you need. Each one is assigned a specific budget. From the home screen you can see all of your budgets at a glance, along with their remaining value, and the number of items on your shopping list. It’s easy to delete a budget using the familiar swipe gesture. To modify the value, simply open the budget and tap the value at the top.

Easily add items to your shopping list on the fly right from within the budgets detail screen. Set the quantity you think you will purchase. Don’t worry if you change your mind, you can modify the quantity when you check the item off of your list. If you change your mind about an item, it’s simple to remove it again with the familiar swipe to delete gesture. You can also modify the budget value by simply tapping the value at the top of the screen.

When you want to complete or check an item off of your list, simply tap the item to open the completion screen. Here you can enter the price, modify the quantity if needed, and then indicate if the item is taxable or not. Budge will then remove the item from your shopping list and place it in your shopping cart, removing the appropriate amount of money from your budget.

Once you have completed or checked an item off of your shopping list, Budge will move it to your shopping cart, replacing the quantity with the total amount of money you spent on that item. If you decide to put the item back on the shelf, you can swipe to remove it from your cart. Budge will put that money back in your budget, and move the item back to your shopping list for later consideration, or to be deleted. Once you have finished shopping, you can use the Empty Cart button in the top right corner of the screen to remove all the items from your cart without adding the money back to your budget.

It is easy to store your local sales tax rate inside the settings menu so that Budge can calculate the sales tax on any taxable items. You can modify this rate at any time, making it easy to use Budge to stay within your vacation budgets as well.

Budge is currently available for $0.99 in the app store until March 15, 2016 when it will move to it’s full price of $1.99.


Highest Rank Achieved (Finance Apps / US App Store)

There are plenty of wonderful, extensive finance apps out there. But, what if you just want a basic, simple app for budgeting? Maybe you only need to track shopping lists, gifts for holidays or birthdays, or even just a few bills. This is where a new app called Budge – Budgeted Shopping Lists can save the day…

Sandy Stachowiak


Budge is a $1 (sale price) app that lets you combine a shopping list and budget to create what it calls a (natch) “budgeted shopping list.” The idea? Keep a running tally of how much you’re spending as you load up the shopping cart, and make sure you don’t accidentally exceed your spending limits.

Joel Mathis


Features Under Development

  • Cloud sync
  • Shared lists
  • Coupon entry
  • Editing items on lists
  • Manual currency selection
  • Icons for lists
  • Entering items on-the-fly

Bugs Under Development

  • Dismiss keyboard in detail view
  • Screen scrolling when keyboard is on screen
  • Instead of an inactive taxable button when no tax rate is entered it will take you to enter a tax rate