Three years in a row, 2011-13, Dexter Community Players put on Evil Dead the Musical. Without a question the most fun show I’ve been involved with. The first year I not only did all the design work (which was a heavier load than ever before), but I also performed as Jake.

The show was amazing. We sprayed blood all over the front of the audience known as the splatter zone. I got to design a second t-shirt for this show that people could purchase in white, just to get covered with fake blood during the show. The effects were designed by none other than Dave Hettmer, who did special effects work on Army of Darkness.

Hands down, other than getting married, and having two amazing children, one of my favorite memories.

Those familiar with the story should also appreciate the admission ticket…


One thing that’s always important to me is creating my own vision. While I love the designs we used here, over the course of three years I really wanted to do something that was my vision, instead of just using a font that very closely represented the logos of the original movies. I convinced Jason to let me take a stab at it. What I came up with [pictured below] in my opinion was very attention grabbing. I do understand why it wasn’t chosen, as it does not portray the humor of the show very well. I do think with some minor modification it could have made a very good poster for the movie remake however.