I can remember the days that Veritas Christian Academy was just a dream in the eyes of founder Richard Nye. He often visited the Copy & Print Center that I managed for Staples in Ann Arbor, MI. When he first had a vision for the school he approached me, knowing I was into graphic design, about creating a logo, seal, mascot (for the Vikings as he then envisioned them) and any other material he may need.

They did not end up staying the vikings so the below mascot is available for purchase. If your organization is interested please contact me. I’ve since lost touch and though I created many iterations of the seal for them, the current version has modifications which I neither created nor approved. I still have a great respect for what the school is doing, so I will not turn this into anything legal, however as NONE of the imagery was officially purchased I would have appreciated either being kept on to make modifications or being asked first.

You can view two of the many versions of the seal that were created here. One in the featured image and one below. Subtle changes but I prefer the one below.