The signs are all around us. Zombies are here. Zombies walk among us, lurking in the shadows, just waiting for the outbreak that will infect the planet. Let’s take a look at some of the evidence.

The past decade has shown an exponential increase in the interest in all things zombie.  In the 1960s the horror culture was surrounded by giant monsters and insects, which spoke culturally to the ever present fear of nuclear testing and nuclear war.  The 70s and 80s showed an increase in violence in popular culture, as society became more aware of the serial killer.  Perhaps today’s culture is showing such interest in the undead because they feel an impending end of days, or perhaps those days are already here.  Could zombies be walking among us?

There are many cases, which save for a few have been brushed under the rug, which beg to question the reality of a real world zombie.  The case of a Chinese woman named Du, who was attacked by a bus driver, named Dong, who pinned her to the ground, is just one of these cases. In other parts of the world, a Florida woman was so enraged when she lost her keys and purse that she too leapt on her mother, pinned her to the ground, and bit a large portion of her face off.  Is this becoming the normal way to deal with our aggression, or is something else afoot?

I have lost my temper more times than I can admit, hell, I lose my wallet and keys nearly every day.  When this happens, the last thing I do is picture my wife wearing a banana suit singing “It’s peanut butter jelly time”. I get mad, I fume, I look in the same place about 300 times and then I eventually find them.  My opinion on the aforementioned question is that something is not right, and someone is not giving us the full truth.  Maybe I have a slight Mulder complex and I want to believe that there is more out there than first meets the eye.  Maybe I am just a little more demented than your average Joe, or maybe the undead really do exist.

The most notable case to date, which made international headlines, was that of 31 year-old Rudy Eugene, who went on a naked rampage in Miami Florida.  Eugene, dubbed the Causeway Cannibal was speculated to be high on a street drug known as bath salts, however the post-mortem toxicology report showed only marijuana in his system.  During his rampage, this real life zombie, first accused Ronald Poppo, a homeless man, of stealing his bible, before jumping on top of him and eating his face above the beard, including his left eyeball, leaving Poppo completely blind.  The event, which lasted 18 minutes and was recorded by a surveillance camera, ended when Eugene was shot dead by the Miami police.  To this date, no definitive cause has been named for Eugene’s rage.

If that story is not convincing enough, even the CDC has recently released a zombie awareness brochure online, alongside a comic book for the kiddos. According to the CDC this brochure is an effort to reach a younger audience with concern to spotting communicable diseases.  I don’t buy it.  There are too many unexplained attacks happening across the globe.  It is of this author’s opinion that this brochure is nothing more than a dry run for the real thing, not if, but when it happens on a world wide scale.

Are zombies real?  Has society at large simply lost its mind?  Or have I seen one or maybe a couple hundred too many horror movies?  The most obvious choice is the ladder, but perhaps there is something more to this story.  Take a look at the map below for a more extensive list of the global phenomena that is the zombie attack.

Are we missing one? Leave info about it in the comments below and we will add it to the map.


Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment value only. We aren’t delusional enough to believe Zombie’s are real . . . yet.

Photo Credit: Ivan Sanchez