It’s common place these days to read about what celebrity has the most recent sex tape. Sometimes those were meant to be private and get exposed, sometimes it’s Miley Cyrus swinging around on a wrecking ball ass naked daily on the top 20 video countdown. Regardless of sex scandal or not, when a celebrity makes the news it’s not usually for anything good they’ve done. I know this site isn’t necessarily BIG news, but I wanted to change the trend, so I’ve put together a list of four celebrities whose names may not be as big as Miley Cyrus, but they do good things with their time.

Lino Rulli

Lino is a Saint and a Sinner. At least according to the two books he’s authored of the same names; available on and wherever fine books are sold. Although if you listen to his radio show on the SiriusXM’s The Catholic Channel he will tell you that you can’t find his book wherever fine books are sold, because, let’s face it, with material that well written they just won’t stay on the shelves.

I started listening to Lino’s show called The Catholic Guy in 2009 when I first got Sirius satellite radio. I have a 65 mile journey from the office to my front door, and his sense of humor helps the drive pass painlessly. I was drawn to this program for many reasons. To begin with, Lino has taken a subject that is typically very boring on the radio, Christianity, and approached it with an incredible sense of humor. It is my opinion that this approach enables him to reach a large audience of young people with his message.

That message itself is very humble. Although he has a master’s in theology, he doesn’t come off as a religious know it all, but instead as an average person like you and me. His segments are filled with stories of his religious failures and how we can all learn from them. Finally, although this show is on a Catholic radio station, 90% of his message applies to most forms of Christianity, and he often has members of other denominations call into his show.

His sense of humor and humility and passion for his faith put Lino at the top of my list of genuine personalities.

For more on Lino, listen weekdays on SiriusXM 129 from 11:00 – 1:00 and 5:00 – 7:00 or check out where you can find the Catholic Guy podcast as well as links to his other work, including his books “Sinner,” and “Saint”.

Chris Cuomo

Much the same way that I discovered Lino, I discovered Chris Cuomo while looking for a way to pass the time during the drive on the way to work. For those not familiar with Chris, he is a news anchor for CNN, a channel which I typically wouldn’t listen to because although I like to make my own educated decisions, I tend to side with conservatives on many issues and CNN is more liberal.

One day in June of 2013 I happened to be interested in something that was going on in the news (I can’t remember exactly what) and happened upon New Day on CNN on my Sirius radio. I was instantly hooked because of Chris Cuomo and now listen every morning. What I like about Chris is that he doesn’t hold back when he’s interviewing somebody. If he feels that the person he’s interviewing is saying something that goes against the morals of the average Joe, he really applies the pressure and makes them answer some extremely tough questions on the spot. I can’t say that I agree with his point of view 100% of the time, but I have gained a great deal of respect for his genuine sense of care for the everyday American, and this puts him in the second spot on my list.

For more on Chris listen to New Day, weekdays from 6:00-9:00AM or check out

Jim Cramer

I got hooked on Jim Cramer a couple of years ago when I started to get interested in investing and my stepfather recommended his show on CNBC called Mad Money. He starts each episode telling you that, “other people want to make friends, but I’m just trying to make you a little money.” Jim has helped me make more than just a little money that past few years.

What I like about Jim’s show compared to others is he talks about investing so that us common folk can understand him. If talks about something like a PEG ratio, he makes sure to give you a thorough explanation of what that is before moving on. And this man has a wealth of knowledge to share. His show, as well as his twitter are filled with questions from what he refers to as home-gamers, or the average retail investors, and he tries to answer as many questions as he can, as honestly as he can. He’s even answered one of my own tweets which saved me from making a newbie mistake that would have lost me a lot of money.

Jim is not just a wise investor. He has many other qualities that contribute to his genuine nature. He is a man’s man and sports fan. Although his allegiances lie with teams out of Pennsylvania, whenever somebody calls in from another town he typically has something friendly to say about their team as well. He is also hip to current trends. He knows what todays youth is interested in which helps him both with making smart investment decisions as well as reaching a younger audience and educating them about making money through investing. Finally he is a charitable man, converting his portfolio into a charitable trust which you can follow along at

For more on Jim check out Mad Money on CNBC from 6:00-7:00 EST weekdays, follow his portfolio on, or buy his latest book Get Rich Carefully.

Ernie Harwell

If you’re a fan of the Detroit Tigers or baseball in general, you are likely familiar with Ernie Harwell. Ernie passed away just over four years ago this past week on May 4, 2010. During his 92 years with us, Ernie was one of the greatest to ever call the game of baseball. He was also a man of great faith in his God. I have so many memories of hearing him on the radio calling games and being interviewed on Detroit’s 97.1 the Ticket near the end of his life talking about his youth and the love of his life and wife of 68 years, Lulu.

I’ll never forget jumping in the car on September 3, 2009 and hearing the announcement that Ernie had an incurable form of cancer and that he had decided against surgery. On September 16, Ernie gave his farewell speech to a packed Comerica park, each one on their feet. “You Tigers fans are the best he said,” as he thanked the fans, the Tigers organization, and the state of Michigan which he so loved. That appearance still gets the waterworks going.

Ernie’s character, strong faith, and love of the fans made him one of the most genuine men to ever work in professional sports.

Check out Ernie’s farewell speech on

Photo credit to Joel Dinda.