When it comes down to the job interview, make sure you don’t overlook what you are wearing, and what it could be saying or not saying about you. Sure if a female wears a miniskirt to an interview it is quite obvious that she is probably saying she is a flirt, however the color shirt you choose and the type of shoes you wear could also be subconsciously painting a picture about you as well.


Color believe it or not can say a lot. There is plenty of study that has gone into this. Choose the color or combination of colors carefully. By carefully I don’t necessarily mean play it safe, but choose colors that truly tell somebody who you are. My personal preference is to wear a blue shirt but accent it with a tie, scarf, pocket square or whatever else, with a color that relates to your personality.


Blue says success and confidence. It says that you are reliable, dependable, and friendly. Blue is the safest color to wear to a business interview.


Red gives you power and shows energy. It says you are not afraid of a challenge. It also demands attention as it is one of the colors that the human eye is naturally drawn to. Be careful however as too much red can give the impression of a flirt or member of the mafia.


Green shows that you are secure, often conservative and powerful. Lighter shades of green can say that you are sporty and cheerful.


Pink, especially when worn by a man, can say that you are daring and like to live on the edge. You are a trend setter and people will follow your lead.


Yellow is casual and playful. A yellow accent may say, “Yes this blue shirt says I’m successful and confident, however I am also approachable.” Yes ties can talk.


Purple is the color of class and elegance and demands authority. Be careful with purple because it could give the impression that you are a bit of a snob if not done correctly.


White says uniform. You could be mistaken for someone that already works there if you wear all white.


Specifically a watch. If you own a watch, wear a watch. Wearing a watch gives the impression that you like to be on time for things. It your sleeve covers your watch, make sure you take an opportunity to check the time at some point during the interview, just to make sure the interviewer gets a look at it (even if the battery is dead… yes I’ve done that).

For men, a shoe with no laces can show that you are easy going and relaxed while a shoe with laces can show that you are respectful to yourself as well as others.

The internet is FULL of additional ideas on this topic. These are just some of the basics.